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Jul 28, 2013

2-step password verification with Google Authenticator

As we become ever increasingly dependant on cloud-based services, it’s more important than ever to protect these accounts from getting “hacked”. Adding an extra layer of security can be simple as using Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator provides an easy 2-step verification process where by a unique 6-digit code must be entered in addition to your username and password. These 6-digit codes are automatically generated on your mobile device every 30 seconds which proves to be a very secure solution.

Currently you can enable 2-factor verification for the following services:
(click links for instructions on how-to enable).

A list of other websites & services that support Google Authenticator can be found here.

You can grab the Google Authenticator app for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Many other 3rd party apps are available for other platforms.


May 14, 2012

New addition to my daily workflow: Pocket

Formally known as Read it later, Pocket has vastly improved the way I consume content on-the-go. Not being impressed with the current competing read later apps for daily use, continuing reading an article from the desktop to the mobile relies greatly on memory and since not all web sites are optimized for viewing on mobiles, navigating pages are a laborious task. The whole experience is very uninspiring.

Saving content for reading later whether using your mobile or desktop is a breeze with Pocket. The text and images are extracted from the content your have saved and is optimized beautifully to be read distraction free on an Android, iPhone/iPad or any browser using the web app.

It all works seamlessly from clicking the bookmarklet on the current web page your are viewing and then picking up a mobile device with Pocket to resume reading the same web page page on the move. It even remembers where you were reading last on the page, so picking up any device that has Pocket resumes exactly where you left off.

With over 300 apps integrating Pocket functionality and an easily accessible API, there’s no shortage of ways you can save to Pocket. I highly recommend you check out Pocket. It will make reading on the move much more enjoyable.

May 9, 2012

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

Finally there’s a smart watch that’s built with customizability in mind. The watch face is made of E-Paper so it’s always-on unlike past watch efforts with LCD screens present. Connecting through Bluetooth to an Android or iPhone to access auxiliary data makes this watch available to almost anyone with a smartphone bought in the past few years. With the SDK soon to be available there are many opportunities for app makers to integrate by the time the watch is released.

Grab it quick if you want to be part of the first batch as they are only 10,000 more watches left or 10 days –which ever comes first from here.

UPDATE: The watches have now sold out. You will have to wait until the end of the year to grab one.

Dec 14, 2011

A step in the Windows Phone direction

After owning five iPhones spanning three distinct generations, I recently made the jump to Windows Phone 7 in the form of the Nokia Lumia 800. The decision to abandon a great phone and years of procuring just the right apps wasn’t easy. The iPhone truly did revolutionise in the way we use our mobile phones. But once an innovator is now quite stagnant in offering a handful of features to the phone and OS every generation.

Microsoft has skilfully created a fresh & stylish yet very utilitarian mobile operating system. Windows Phone 7 and its Metro design language has brought some excitement back into my daily mobile experience in just a week of using it. Some recognition must be given to Nokia for making such a beautiful piece of hardware to compliment the OS.

Sep 22, 2011

The New Task Manager

One of the stand out features of Windows 8 that hasn’t got much attention is the updated Task Manager. It displays a wealth of useful information laid out logically and in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Some of this functionality existed in previous versions of Windows but was not nearly as accessible.

I am very impressed with Windows 8’s new dual approach of supporting novice and power-users alike. A good example of this can be seen on the initial launch of Task Manager where it is launched in a minimal state and can be expanded easily to the full fledged manager. Some of these exciting features and more can be seen in the new Windows 8 Developer Preview or you can follow the Building Windows 8 blog from Microsoft.

Sep 19, 2011

XBMC Movie Set Creator

Annoyed by having to manually create movie sets in XBMC I created this small utility to automate the creation of .nfo files for a folder full of movies as described in the XBMC wiki.

Thought I’d share this as it is a real time saver if you have large collections.


  • Creates .nfo files based on the folder name.
  • Assumes folder & movie in “<MovieName> (<Year>)” format ie. “Avatar (2009)”
  • TMDb lookup with conflict resolution
  • Basic folder browsing through interface (double-click subfolder item)
  • Basic log indicating .nfo creation success

 v0.1.0.56 BETA
.NET Framework 4.0 required. You will be prompted
to install it if you do not already have it.

Updates to this app will be available through the new ‘Labs‘ section on this blog.

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